New Chevrolet Models

Chevrolets History Of Bringing Innovation To The Average American Family Lives On At Ray Chevrolet

Since its 1911 founding by famed race car driver Louis Chevrolet and automaker William C. Durant, Chevrolet has been known as the car brand that puts the latest in technology and performance into vehicles the average American family can afford.  Early six-cylinder Chevrolet models, for instance, were often sold at the same price as 4-cylinder offerings from other carmakers, while many of the Chevy models from the 1920s were the first cars that were not only designed to have an exciting appearance, but also gave consumers multiple, easily personalized trims to choose from.  The new Chevrolet models that appeared in the 1950s introduced drivers to a family of high performance small block V8s that would remain in production to this day, and, as a further act of innovation, the 1953 Corvette led the way in innovative fiberglass body construction.  This commitment to both ingenuity and affordability continues in the modern era, as many new Chevy models, particularly in the performance and economy classes, are built upon lightweight body architecture that incorporates the latest in engineering research.  Todays Chevrolet models are even noted for popularizing the latest in information technology, as features like built-in 4G LTE Wifi® Internet hotspot capability are either standard or available in most sedans, hatchbacks, performance cars, trucks, and SUVs, while unique intelligent feedback systems such as Teen Driver are poised to have a positive impact on driver safety.

If youre looking for new Chevrolet vehicles in Fox Lake that feature these and other developing technologies, theres one business that will always get the first deliveries of the latest models: Ray Chevrolet.  As a long-standing member of GMs dealership network, Ray Chevrolet of Fox Lake not only receives shipments of cars that feature recent developments such as all-electric and gas-electric hybrid powertrains, but also always has standing orders for staples of the Chevy brand such as the Camaro, Malibu, and Silverado model lines.  Were even able to help Fox Lake Chevy performance aficionados place orders for any rare Corvette trims that may launch in the near future, when they become available.  Whatever the road ahead holds in store, Ray Chevrolet of Fox Lake will always be here with the latest in auto technology.  Call us at (847) 587-3300 for more information on our current Chevrolet model lineup or to learn about the new vehicles that are set to arrive later this year.