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By clicking the above box, Borrower and Guarantor(s) (individually and collectively, "Applicants") agree to and affirm the following:

The information provided is true, correct, complete, and prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Applicants will notify Ray Auto Group if there is any change in name, address, or any material adverse change 1) in any of the information contained in this commercial financing request; 2) in Applicants' financial condition; or 3) in Applicants' ability to perform their respective obligations to Ray Auto Group. If no notice of change has been given, this shall be considered a continuing statement and substantially correct. Applicants hereby authorize Ray Auto Group and its affiliates, successors, assigns and third-party service providers to investigate Applicants' accounts and credit history, and obtain, without limitation, credit reports, trade references, financial statements, tax returns and banking records, and contact any of Applicants' current or former employers or creditors, banks or other financial institutions with which either Applicant has or had financial dealings, and Applicants' franchisor(s), to verify any information contained herein or received in connection with this Business Credit Application which Ray Auto Group deems relevant to the possible extension of credit to Applicants and release information about Ray Auto Group’s credit experience with Applicants as permitted by law.

Applicants authorize Ray Auto Group to disclose information to any affiliate, assign, agent and third-party service provider, and hereby authorizes and directs any such creditor, bank, other institution and franchisor to disclose to Ray Auto Group any information it may from time to time deem necessary, and hereby releases Ray Auto Group and any such creditor, bank or other institution from any and all claims, demands, damages, expenses or liability whatsoever in connection with the disclosure of any information whatsoever. Applicants will keep all information obtained from Ray Auto Group confidential, and will not disclose any information received from Ray Auto Group. Without limiting the foregoing, Applicants specifically agree not to disclose any information obtained from Ray Auto Group to any other lender or potential lender. Applicants certify to Ray Auto Group that neither they nor any person or entity holding any interest in them nor any of their officers or managers are parties with whom Ray Auto Group is prohibited from doing business pursuant to the regulations of the Office of Foreign Assets Control or any other law or regulation. If the foregoing certification is or becomes untrue, in whole or in part, at any time, Applicants jointly and severally agree to indemnify Ray Auto Group for any claim, damage, loss, liability or expense Ray Auto Group suffers by reason of the untruthfulness of the foregoing certification.

Residents in the states of California, Maine, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont agree that by signing below, they have been given the included state notices and agree to the additional terms.

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