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Chevy Commercial Vehicles for Any Industry

Are there Chevy dealers near me that carry vehicles that are built for professional use? Are there Chevy commercial vehicles near me that are not only designed for heavy duty work, but can also be easily upfitted for specialized duties? Are there even Chevy commercial vehicles near me that are easy to finance or add to any fleet? For any manager in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin, the answer is a resounding YES… Because Ray Chevrolet at 39 N US-12 in Fox Lake, IL is a one-stop shopping source for all commercial vehicle needs! But what, exactly, can the Chevy commercial vehicles at Ray Chevrolet do that’s so special?

Trade Vehicles and Specialized Upfits

The Silverado Chassis Cab, City Express Van, and Express Cargo Van are all examples of Chevy commercial vehicles that can easily receive trade-related upfits. The City Express Van and Express Cargo Van, in particular, are ideal for trades that require an on-site workshop, extra tool storage, or oversized product storage.

Utility and Repair Vehicles

Models like the Silverado Chassis Cab can actually be used in multiple industries, as their strengthened frames are designed for even heavy upfits. Cherry pickers, towing equipment, generators, and a number of other specialized products can all be added to the Silverado Chassis Cab.

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Intracity Delivery

With a cab-over layout and available short wheelbase, the Chevy Low Cab Forward is the ideal commercial truck for delivering product on narrow city streets. Likewise, the Express Cargo Van is scaled for both front and alley deliveries.

Landscaping and Farmwork

Another field in which the Chevy Low Cab Forward excels is landscaping and farmwork, as it can easily handle dumptruck and light equipment upfits as well as dedicated landscaping upfits.

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Law Enforcement

Not only can Chevrolet cargo vans and the Express Cutaway easily handle delivery and trade upfits, but their electrical systems are more than robust enough to power communication, surveillance, and bomb squad upfit packages. This makes them a perfect choice for any police department or security agency.

Shuttle Service

Colleges, school districts, and hotels can all rely on the Express Passenger Van to always deliver excellent shuttle service. With an array of safety features and comfortable seating, it’s the perfect vehicle for both regularly scheduled routes and field trips. Interesting in the other industries where Chevy commercial vehicles can make a difference? Call Ray Chevrolet at (847) 558-6177 to learn more about these and other Chevrolet products!