Chevy Auto Service Benefits

The Auto Service Benefits at Ray Chevrolet Can’t Be Matched By a Non-GM Affiliated Service Center

The auto service benefits drivers from Fox Lake, Illinois and surrounding communities experience when they bring their cars to Ray Chevrolet at 39 N US-12 can be explained in very simple and obvious terms. The first is that, because Ray Chevrolet is an official Chevrolet dealer, the technicians in its Service Department are all GM-certified and familiar with every aspect of General Motors technology. While the technicians at other garages and service centers may only have a passing familiarity with Chevy models and their maintenance needs, the professionals at Ray Chevrolet know every mechanical aspect of the latest General Motors vehicles, including those from Chevrolet. Not only can they can begin diagnosing and fixing any problem immediately, but they understand exactly what type of regular service every Chevrolet model requires to stay in optimum condition. To learn more about their expertise or to schedule service, call (866) 729-2438 today!

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The Technicians at Ray Chevrolet Can Update or Set the Advanced Infotech Features on Chevy Models with Ease

Another auto service benefit drivers experience when they bring their vehicles to Ray Chevrolet for regular service relates to the software that is used to run the most advanced features on the latest Chevy models. With standard and available features like Teen Driver, 4G LTE® WiFi® Internet hotspots, Chevrolet MyLink™, and the OnStar emergency and connectivity suite, Chevrolet is leading the way in automotive entertainment and information technology. These cutting-edge systems are at their best when they've been serviced by technicians who understand the basic behind their underlying software. Because they’re focused on servicing General Motors vehicles, the professionals at Ray Chevrolet have an advantage over mechanics from other service garages when it comes to updating or setting these systems.

It’s Easy For the Staff at Ray Chevrolet to Access a Vehicle’s History, Lease, and Warranty Information

There are other practical auto service benefits car owners enjoy when they bring a vehicle that was purchased at Ray Chevrolet back to 39 N US-12 for regular maintenance. One is that the staff at Ray Chevrolet can easily access a vehicle’s maintenance history as well as its lease and warranty information. This cuts out the middleman and service time.

Ray Chevrolet Always Has Authentic General Motors Parts in Stock

Finally, while many independent or unaffiliated garages and service centers may need to order parts to properly service a Chevrolet or other GM vehicle, Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake, Illinois always maintains a stock of all the authentic General Motors products that are needed to maintain a Chevrolet automobile. This means that a major auto service benefit Chevy owners experience when they take their car in to Ray Chevrolet is that they don’t have to spend days or weeks waiting for the correct part to come in. To learn more about part pricing and special deals or to purchase GM products today, call (866) 729-2438.