Our Certified Pre-Owned Program

About Certified Pre-Owned at Ray Chevrolet

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles offer drivers many unique advantages in terms of both economics and overall quality, however some consumers may not understand what the CPOV process involves. To help them make informed decisions about their next automotive purchase, Ray Chevrolet has put together the following list of Chevy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle-related questions and answers:

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What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Whether it’s a Chevy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, Certified Pre-Owned sedan or Certified Pre-Owned truck, SUV, or van, a pre-owned vehicle is a late model, low mileage car that has been hand-selected by an official GM dealership like Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake, Illinois and placed through a stringent inspection and refurbishment process that restores it to ‘like new’ condition. In short, a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle (CPOV), whether it is a Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC model, is a lightly used, late model car that has been brought back to nearly the shape it was in when it originally rolled off the factory floor.

What are the Advantages of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles from Ray Chevrolet?

The most obvious advantage of a CPOV model is that it offers the appearance, capabilities, and modern technology of a new automobile at a price that’s characterized by significant savings over a car that has never been owned. Because they have limited miles, the CPOV vehicles that are for sale at Ray Chevrolet can also be expected to give their owners years of reliable service if they are maintained properly. Since they’re selected only from recent model years, certified pre-owned Chevrolet models also reflect current trends in auto styling and tastes.

Why Should Automobile Shoppers Purchase CPOV Models from Ray Chevrolet?

Because Ray Chevrolet is an official Chevrolet dealer that is directly supplied by General Motors, it not only carries authentic GM parts but also employs GM-certified technicians. This means that any Chevy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle that leaves the Ray Chevrolet lot at 39 N US-12 in Fox Lake, Illinois has been inspected and refurbished by specialists who have an in-depth understanding of each of its powertrain, chassis, and infotech systems. No only do they service Chevrolet models on a regular basis, but they also routinely restore Chevy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles as part of regular operations.

Why Should a Driver Who is Interested in a Certified Pre-Owned Buick or GMC Certified Pre-Owned Truck, SUV, or Van Buy From Ray Chevrolet?

Like vehicles from Chevrolet, luxury sedans and SUVs from Buick as well as trucks, SUVs, and vans from GMC are all General Motors products. This means that they share a significant number of technologies and, more often than not, have the same underlying architecture. The current Chevrolet Impala that's for sale at Ray Chevrolet, for instance, is based on the same GM Epsilon II platform. Skilled technicians like those at Ray Chevrolet are therefore able to easily apply the knowledge they’ve gained while servicing Chevy models to inspecting and refurbishing Certified Pre-Owned Buick and GMC vehicles.

Are There Any Other Reasons to Shop For a GMC Certified Pre-Owned Truck, SUV, or Van at Ray Chevrolet?

Buying or financing a fleet of new commercial vehicles can be an expensive process for any small business. GMC Certified Pre-Owned commercial trucks, SUVs, and vans, however, offer all of the capabilities of new vehicles without the higher MSRP of a model that has just rolled off of the factory floor. For any business in or near Fox Lake, Illinois, GMC CPOV models can be a smart way to begin operations.

How Can Shoppers Learn More About the GMC, Buick, and Chevy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Selections at Ray Chevrolet?

Consumers have many ways to learn more about the Chevy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle selection at Ray Chevrolet. They can search Ray Chevrolet’s current CPOV inventory online or visit 39 N US-12, FOX LAKE, IL 60020 to test drive examples in person, or, to simply learn more about the CPOV process, call the Sales Department at (844) 254-2908.