2019 Chevy Bolt



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The 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV for sale at Ray Chevrolet in 39 N US-12, Fox Lake, IL 60020 is an electric hatchback that sparked a movement towards the future. It's the first affordable all-electric car to cover 238 miles in only a single charge. On top of that, it comes with numerous exceptional qualities, including a number of the most technologically advanced features, impressive styling and generous spacing that makes it an ideal companion for your daily routines and everything in between!



  • Boasting an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range in just one charge, you can drive for an entire day and even a few more without having to plug it in. With its extraordinary reach, the 2019 Chevy Bolt is changing the way electric cars are driven. From doing normal routines or outside them, you surely won’t miss a beat when you're behind the wheel of the new Bolt EV! You can even go on a road trip with your family or friends anytime you want.


  • What’s so amazing about the latest Bolt is that you have the complete freedom to recharge your battery on any level you wish. And through its location-based charging capability, you can program the electric car to charge at home when electricity rates are at their lowest or start charging remotely when you leave for home.


  • You can choose from any of the two available charging units depending on your needs and preferences. First is a 240-volt/32-amp charging unit that provides approximately 25 miles for every hour of charging, making it the quickest option to recharge at your home. The other one is an available DC fast charging unit that provides a whopping 90 miles for just 30 minutes of charging that’s available for public use.


  • The newly redesigned Bolt EV available at your Fox Lake Chevy dealer is uniquely stylish with an elegantly sculpted body and striking aesthetic elements. With smoothly chiseled exterior sides and muscular wheel arches, the electric car creates a strong, athletic impression on the road. And because a thermal management system makes it unnecessary to air-cool the battery, its under-body can be covered to refine airflow and enhance aerodynamics.


  • It’s a 2019 Chevy that doesn’t need the same level of maintenance as gas automobiles. Regular oil changes and engine tune-ups do not exist in the electric hatchback which means tons of savings both in the short-run and long run. While there are still some things that you should keep in mind always, like rotating your tires every 7,500 miles and examining brakes and hoses from time to time, you can easily complete the entire process without breaking a sweat in any and all certified Chevy dealers near me.


  • Aside from saving a few or several thousand bucks in maintenance costs, you can also enjoy a federal tax credit for a maximum of $7,500 once you buy a Bolt EV. What’s more, you can also make use of state incentives, depending on which state you live in, and enjoy even bigger savings! With the revolutionary electric car, you can help save mother earth from fossil fuel emission damage and a lot of money, both at the same time!



  • With its Driver Information Center, you can quickly view how much energy is currently being exhausted in real-time along with range estimation, charge settings, and climate controls. Split screen and expanded view functionality meanwhile, gives you the flexibility to access and recover your music, contacts, favorite apps, and more, while on the go! It’s also Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatible, has an available 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and myChevrolet Mobile App to help you stay seamlessly connected at all times.



  • The new Chevy Bolt EV is built with advanced technology and safety systems to help ensure a safer and more confident drive! Featuring several available ultrasonic-, radar- and camera-based systems designed to prevent potential collisions from happening, such as forward collision alert, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, rear vision camera, surround vision, and more, you can feel more relaxed knowing that the Bolt EV is watching your front, back and sides at all times!




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