What’s the Right Vehicle for Me?

For the staff at Ray Chevy Fox Lake, we’re split down the middle as far as what we look for when we decide to buy a new vehicle. Some of us want a practical, affordable car, while others want more power and beauty. A few of us even want it all.  We have so many great models of Chevy cars and trucks to choose from, it gets difficult to make a decision. Choosing the right vehicle is important however, so ask yourself, what car is right for me?

What are Your Vehicle Needs?

When deciding which car is right for you, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The first question is, what kind of car do I need? Sedan, coupe, crossover, truck? Will this be your primary mode of transportation? Will this vehicle be used for short drives around town, long road trips? How much storage space do you require? A crossover SUV gives you options for hauling stuff from sporting gear to groceries. How big is your family? A four-door sedan or maybe full-size SUV may be the way to go. Does it need to double as a work truck? Do you need towing capability? Do you need to be fuel-conscious?


Safety is a factor no matter what vehicle you choose, and bigger vehicles aren’t necessarily the safest. The Chevy Spark is light and agile and may avoid a collision that a Chevy Tahoe can’t, but who bears the brunt better? The driver sits higher in the Chevy Traverse than in the Chevy Cruze, but the 2019 Cruze got a five-star rating in front crash tests from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These are all important factors to consider in your decision on which new or used vehicle is right for you.


Price is definitely a factor. If you know your budget then your local car dealer can work with you. Ray Chevrolet  has great deals on new and pre-owned vehicles and we have specials in the newest cars on our lot.

Fuel Efficiency

You never know when fuel prices are going to spike, so fuel efficiency is a concern for most people. The Bolt electric gets the best bang for the buck and the Volt hybrid is a close second. For an SUV, the 2020 Equinox gets up to 26 miles per gallon in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. Where do you spend the most time behind the wheel?


Now the only question you should have is, where are the Chevy dealers near me? Ray Chevrolet is the answer! We have so many great models of Chevy cars and trucks to choose from it gets difficult to make a decision, but we can give you advice on how to pick an SUV, for example. So, if you’re wondering, where is a Chevy for sale near me, wonder no more. Call or visit us at Ray Chevrolet today! We are located at 39 N US-12 in Fox Lake, IL. Or call us at (708) 444-3200.