What's New for the 2019 Silverado Chassis Cab


Chevy HQ is all about making a statement with big reveals of the newest Chevy powerhouse models to hit the market. And one that’s been getting the most talk? The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Chassis Cab. While Chevrolet chose not to show the already popular pickup at the 2018 World Truck Show back in March, and the model won’t be available at a Chevy dealer until later in the year, the first look at the 2019 Chevy has already made lasting impressions in the auto industry.


 Chassis Cab Variant


If you thought we’d leave the designing entirely up to us, you haven’t been to a Chevy dealership nearby. The highly sought cab option will allow drivers a unique opportunity to alter and shape the vehicle to meet their individual needs. Not only can the chassis cab be tailored specifically to your requirements in regards to cab-to-axle options, it can also bear heavy loads ideal for a working truck with a strong, durable single-piece frame and protective paint to fight corrosion.


Box-Delete Options


For those in the commercial/fleet market, Chevy’s Silverado offers a box-delete option for those buyers that are more work-focused for towing and heavy-duty loads. But this boxless model is so much more than a Silverado missing a truck bed. The prototype features sleek lighting above the rear bumper in place of the standard taillights for optimum viewing.


Top-of-the-Line Features and Engineering


The new model’s exterior is modern, shaped and striking, with a forward-tilting cover to hide the engine. And like all Chevy Chassis cabs, the new 2019 model comes equipped with a Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine, paired with an Allison transmission. Other features include easy accessibility of the battery box—below the cab on the driver’s side—with an aux jump-start stud and a diesel exhaust fluid fill for breezy maintenance.


In the interior, the truck seamlessly blends comfort and control in a contemporary design. Pick from 13 customizable controls to make your drive as smooth as possible and enjoy the triple-seal doors that cut down on outside noise for a quieter drive.


More details on the highly anticipated Chassis Cab model will come, and we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the latest updates at Ray Chevrolet. If it’s anything like the previews, we know that the 2019 Silverado Chassis Cab will be the first of its kind with incredible customization, smart engineering and a durable performance.  When the all-new 2019 Silverado makes its way onto dealerships, we know you’ll be first in line. Come check us out or give us a call at (847) 865-9573 and see why we’re ranked #1 for Commercial Fleet dealers in the North Central Reigon.