The Danger of Drowsy Driving and How to Avoid It

Drowsy driving can lead to a serious and sometimes fatal car crash. Drowsy driving is something to be avoided so that you and your loved ones can stay safer.

The National Sleep Foundation did a Sleep in America poll, and they found that 37 percent of people admitted to having fallen asleep at the wheel. They also found that 60 percent of adults admitted to driving while drowsy. This means that drowsy driving is something that greatly impacts Americans. Other studies like one done by AAA say that drowsiness is much more common in vehicle accidents that federal estimates show. Are you ready to take drowsy driving seriously? Learn more about it and how to avoid it below.

If you think you may be too tired to drive, you probably are, and it might be safer to find another solution. However, there are also some signs you can look out for to decide if you are too drowsy to drive. One of the signs could be persistent yawning, trouble keeping your eyes open, memory lapses, lane deviations, and other unsafe driving habits.

How do you get through your drive if you are too drowsy? There are a lot of options to help keep you safer. One option is to pull off at a safe location and take a quick nap. This could help you be refreshed for the rest of your drive. Another option is to call someone and have them talk to you on the phone to keep your mind engaged. You can also try to play a road trip game with yourself to keep your mind active. Playing games like the billboard alphabet game might seem dumb, but they can keep your mind focused and awake. Also, if you are driving your Chevy vehicle, be sure to turn on your active safety features so that they can look out for you while you are driving.

At Ray Chevrolet, we want you to stay safe while driving, so be sure not to drive drowsy. However, we are also here to help if you do get in some sort of car accident. Our expert staff of service professionals will do what they can to get your vehicle repaired and out on the road again. We also have Chevy models for sale near you, if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle. Ray Chevrolet is a Chevy dealership near you, so stop by and see us today. You can check out our selection of 2019 Chevy models for sale.