Super-Efficient Bolt Car will be the Next Chevy Commercial Fleet Vehicle

2018 Chevy Bolt EV for sale

Chevy dealers are proud to have the new Chevy Bolt on their lots. It’s one of the most practical and versatile vehicles around. Now, the automaker has announced plans to make the Bolt even more flexible with a new version designed specifically to suit the various needs of companies searching for a dependable commercial vehicle.


General Motors recently revealed plans to build a new Bolt model known as the “Chevrolet Bolt Incomplete.”


“Incomplete” commercial vehicles are commonly available through Chevy dealerships for companies looking to create fleets of limousines or moving vans using a specific type of car. Now, the Chevy Bolt will become Chevy’s newest fleet-capable vehicle, offering businesses a rare high-efficiency option.


Reporters recently reached out to GM for more details on the Bolt Incomplete and received confirmation of the vehicle’s flexibility directly from the automaker.


“This is a new way for fleet customers to leverage the Bolt EV’s incredible range,” a representative for Chevy explained. For now, the automaker refuses to divulge any further details but the representative confirmed that deliveries to fleet customers will begin later this year.


The Chevy Bolt Incomplete is guaranteed to work for you and your company, no matter what your needs are. The vehicle features a range of modification capabilities so your fleet of Bolt Incompletes can be fully customized to suit your business goals.


The vehicle’s main modification comes in the form of a “rear seat delete” which turns the Bolt into a two-seater car with airbags and a fully open cargo area in the back. This configuration is ideal for businesses focused on delivering goods and transporting large, bulky items.


In fact, the announcement that the Bolt features a rear seat delete has stirred up rumors that it might become the next Domino’s DXP specialized delivery vehicle. The DXP was previously based on the Chevy Spark and featured a warming oven and space for 80 pizzas, sides, two-liter bottles of soda and dipping sauces in its cargo area.


The car was mainly used as a roving advertisement for Domino’s but, hey, we’re just pointing out that your own personal fleet of pizza-mobiles will once again be possible with the Chevy Bolt Incomplete. If that doesn’t get you excited, we’re not sure what else will.


The new Chevy Bolt Incomplete will be manufactured at the automaker’s Orion plant alongside a passenger version of the Bolt. The vehicle will be available for fleet customization for the 2018 model year and beyond.


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