Say Hello to the 2019 Models of Revamped Commercial Trucks

Chevy Commercial Trucks Fox Lake

In a competitive industry like ours, Chevy is always looking to set their buyers’ experiences apart from the rest. We achieve that by introducing groundbreaking and impeccably designed vehicles ready for the long haul. Most importantly, Chevrolet has always kept an ear in tune to user’s feedback to remain an industry trailblazer, just ask any Chevy dealer. And when Chevy heard the cry for new commercial trucks, they answered with an exciting 2019 lineup of three all-new Silverados to revamp the playing field.


Last month at the Work Truck Show, organized by the National Truck Equipment Association in Indianapolis, Chevrolet introduced the 4500HD, 5500HD, and 6500HD—the first Class 4, 5, and 6 Silverado chassis cabs. In comparison to heavy-duty models that require specific licensing to use, these medium duty models offer buyers a more accessible pickup with a lot more options. With a wide range for personal customizing, unique commercial truck elements, and a design that’s sleek and reliable, Chevy has once again pushed personal and industry-set standards.


So, what makes them so special? We’re glad you asked.


Functional, Durable, and Bold


  • With so many configurations available, the new Silverados may just be the most innovative yet. Choose from seven cab-to-axle lengths ranging from 60 to 162 inches and five different axle-to-frame lengths to arrange a refreshing variety of rear cargo setups that work for multiple needs, without any additional supports.
  • Choose from both rear and four-wheel drives for what fits your requirements
  • All models run quick and powerfully with a 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 engine to produce 350 horsepower, 700 pounds worth of torque, and six-speed automatic transmission.
  • These Silverados feature a brand new frame construction that’s meant to last. The single frame rails are designed to withstand weather damage like rust, and boast fuel lines built inside. The result is functional, but also modern with clean, sleek surfaces.


High-Quality Design and Maximum Comfort


Well, let’s face it, function is key, but the curb appeal of your pickup is just as important. The new models do just that with a stunning, thoughtful design that focuses on subtle high quality instead of loud and flashy.


  • Look forward to a smooth, bump-free drive thanks to Chevy-developed rear air springs and leaf springs for plush seating.
  • Spot the tighter turn radius that can turn front wheels up to 50 degrees.
  • Take advantage of luxury amenities including Apple CarPlay, Android Audio, cellphone charging, 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, and more.


The bottom line: Chevy’s 2019 Silverado additions to the commercial truck field were made with you in mind. Never before has a buyer had so many options to configure a pickup that’s the best fit for their commercial needs. Stop by your local Chevy dealership for a close-up look at all that Chevy has to offer and to put in your order for one of these new models. Not sure where your closest dealership is at? Search for ‘car dealerships near me’ for the best location for you.