Pay for Your Gas Right From Your Chevy


General Motors is working towards making multitasking easy and safe, and Ray Chevrolet is a part of it! No need to search for your credit card then worry about whether or not you put it back in your wallet, you can pay from the touchscreen in your vehicle!


This technology is extremely convenient and arguably pretty downright cool, one could even consider it nifty! GM announced drivers will soon be able to perform functions from the comfort of their drivers seat via the infotainment touchscreen on the dash. Features such as paying for gas at Shell stations and other shopping needs can be done through an app called Marketplace. TechCrunch tells us it’s not just Shell, either. Applebee’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Wingstop, and Exxonmobil are all examples of companies that have partnered up to make this available for drivers.


This technology is built off the idea to make driving safe. Marketplace allows you to reserve parking or make dinner reservations without leaving your car, SUV, or truck. TechCrunch also said GM wants to decrease the amount of times drivers are having to use their phones  and that distracted driving is a huge problem that automakers are facing. Engineers understand that people have things to do, and it’s not plausible to expect drivers to refrain from multitasking while driving. Instead, they’re constructing a better way to do it.


The Marketplace feature will be found through Chevy’s MyLink technology that is now standard in most Chevrolet models. The brand calls it personalized, enhanced, pure entertainment. It’s a built-in system that allows drivers to connect to their smartphone and operate calls or texts as well as use other apps. Car and Driver gave the feature a 5 star review, pointing out the many aspects of the infotainment system and saying it’s “one of the best in the market.” Consumer Reports also found that 57% of people are very satisfied by the infotainment technology by GM.


Other GM brands that have started to install these features are Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. GM said that the feature will be standard within the next 12 to 18 months, so it will be exciting to see the reactions. In their announcement GM also included other partnerships and features that will be included. Below is a video included in the release of the new feature:



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