Watch Out for Pavement Buckling from Hot Weather

Hot weather in and around Illinois could lead to pavement buckling. This means you will want to be cautious as you drive this summer. Here at Ray Chevrolet, we want you to be on the lookout for pavement buckling due to hot weather. Hot weather increases the chances of pavement buckling and this weekend we might see temps in the upper 90s. Since we want you to be safe on the road this summer, we have compiled a list of ways to be safe driving this summer. 


What is pavement buckling and how does it happen?

Pavement buckling is when the pavement on a road pushes up and/or breaks apart. This happens when pavement expands and contracts due to the rising and falling of temperatures. Pavement is designed to hold up to temperatures and temperature changes for the most part, but if there are extremely hot temperatures with high moisture, this can cause the pavement to push up and break apart. This is most likely to happen during the first few times the weather gets really hot for the year.


How do you stay safe in the event of pavement buckling?

To stay safe, you need to stay smart. This means making sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up. If you hit a bump/crack in the pavement it could send your car inches off the ground. It also means that you need to keep your eyes peeled for any issues with the pavement. If you see a serious issue or problem, you need to report it so that other people will know and be prepared.


Summer weather can get hot, and that can lead to different car troubles or issues. You want to be sure you are prepared and your vehicle is in good working condition for your summer work and your summer road trips. Common summer car issues and problems can include tire troubles, broken air conditioning, a car overheating, and more. You also have to watch out for issues like pavement buckling in the hot weather.


If you are worried about summer car troubles, you can stop into Ray Chevrolet to get your vehicle a quick check-up. We have a Chevy service center that can help you with any issues you may be having. Our expert staff will get your vehicle back to running well in no time. If you need summer maintenance come down to Ray Chevrolet. Ray Chevrolet is a Chevy dealer near you. We can help you with Chevy service, and we can help you upgrade your vehicle this summer.