Chevy Adds New Feature to MyChevrolet App

At Ray Chevrolet, we are excited that Chevy has added a new feature to the Mychevrolet mobile app to provide consumers with an extra measure of security. Known as “Vehicle Locate,” this latest feature helps you locate your vehicle or find someone else that’s currently using your vehicle.


This feature can come in handy when you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood or parking lot, and you’ve forgotten where you parked your car. You can also use Vehicle Locate to check the location of a loved one who’s borrowed your car.


To use this feature, you’ll need to update the Chevylink app on your mobile device. Once the app is updated, you should be able to see the Vehicle Locate feature as one of your options. For those downloading the myChevrolet app for the first time, the app is compatible with most Apple and Android devices.


With Vehicle Locate, you’ll be able to designate a boundary zone for your vehicle that can be as specific as an individual address, or as wide as a 20-mile radius. You can also set a prompt in your Chevy App to notify up to 10 people via text alert when your car enters or leaves the boundary zone. However, each person will need to opt-in first before they can receive an alert.



This latest Chevy technology is available for all current Chevy models, as well as Chevy vehicles dating back to 2012. It also comes bundled with the Remote Access Plan, which includes premium features such as Remote Key Fob and On-Demand Diagnostics. Vehicle Locate will also replace the Family Link Option for consumers using GM’s On-Star in-vehicle safety system.


Vehicle Locate is just one of the many helpful features that can be accessed through the myChevrolet app. Other features include:


  • Vehicle Status: Stay on top of helpful information through your app, like fuel range, tire pressure, and oil levels.
  • How-To Videos: Tutorial videos that teach you how to operate the features in your Chevy vehicle.
  • Smart Driver: Find out about your driving skills and potentially qualify for discounts on your driver’s insurance.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Management: Manage the hotspot name and password for your vehicle while keeping everyone connected to their devices.
  • Service Scheduling: Eliminate the worry of asking “Are there any Chevy dealers near me?” at the last minute by pre-setting a preferred dealer for service and recalls.
  • My Rewards: Earn points that can be redeemed for accessories, services, and the purchase or lease of a new vehicle.


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