Importance of Tire Rotations

Fox Lake, IL Tire Rotation

With More Maintenance Details to Consider Than Ever, The Basics Still Reign Supreme

At the conclusion of what we here at Ray Chevrolet hope was another summer to remember, one full of family travel, bonding on the open road, and, unfortunately, plenty of opportunities for unusual wear and tear on your vehicle, we think it only makes good sense to give your chariot an appropriate check up! As it’s only wise to address any possible issues with your vehicle before the summer travel season hits, it likewise makes for an ideal end to the process to take care of any fresh issues that may have been brought on or exacerbated by summer travel. Naturally, one of the first things on the list is also the first line of defense for your vehicle out on the road – your tires.


Keep Those Priorities in Mind!

As the technological capabilities of everyday vehicles continue to develop, it only gets easier to be distracted by novel details when it comes to paying attention to the health of our cars. But more often than not, it’s the same old basics and principles of vehicle maintenance that present the most significant factors in keeping your car at its best. With that in mind, especially after any season of driving that’s likely to have brought on more wear and tear than the usual routine, it’s a perfect opportunity to check up on your car’s tires, first and foremost.


An All-Around Safe Idea

Since the health of your car’s tires comes to bear on many important considerations of driving, including safety, performance, and longevity, it’s never a bad place to start. Even something as simple as keeping a disciplined schedule of tire rotation can go a long way in maximizing your vehicle’s potential. This shouldn’t be thought of as a convenience for those with money to spend on maintenance, either, as proper attention paid to tires, as with regular rotation, can also significantly extend their lives as well.


A Complex Equation (With an Easy Solution)

There are many factors that come into play when discussing how tire wear can affect your vehicle, some of which are downright fascinating in how they reveal the intricacies of wear and tear. For instance, did you know that the driver’s side front tire is subject to much more wear than the others for U.S. drivers, since a majority of turns are to the right? Simply by being the tire on the outside of the turn, the left front travels further than the right, and over time this difference accumulates. As always, it’s best to keep the good old basics at the top of your regular maintenance list. Along with basic engine upkeep like regular fluid top-offs and changes, filter and belt upkeep, and regular check-ups, these are the things that will most likely ultimately still serve as the deciding factor for whether or not your vehicle truly goes the distance for you.


Get a Friendly Check-Up Today!

Though Chevrolet continues to shine as a standout in the industry, with a record number of awards to show for its efforts in safety, performance, and affordable quality, there’s nothing like regular old fashioned TLC to keep your vehicle doing its duty to the best of its ability. For everything you’ll need to know to keep your Chevy vehicle in top form, or if you’re ready to make the most of your investment in a new car by purchasing one of the many industry leading Chevrolet vehicles for sale, there’s no better place to get it done than at your local Fox Lake Chevy dealer, Ray Chevrolet!