How to Winterize Your Car

The snowy, icy, and cold season is almost here. Before you know it, that winter weather will be upon us. To be prepared for winter weather, you will want to winterize your vehicle. Check out some of the steps to winterizing your car below.

  • Check Your Tires – Your tires give you traction on the road. In snowy and icy weather, it is important to have quality tires helping you out. If your tires need to be replaced, you will want to do this before the ice hits, so you aren’t sliding around while driving. Also, if you live in an area with lots of ice and snow, you might want to consider snow tires for the winter.


  • Check Your Battery – In cold temperatures, car batteries can have trouble. If your car battery is old and you’ve already been having trouble with it, you will probably want to get it replaced before temperatures get too cold.


  • Change the Oil – Your oil is vital to keeping your car running. If you haven’t had an oil change in several months, you should try to get it in before winter.


  • Check Your Windshield Wipers – When is the last time you replaced your windshield wipers? With snow and ice coming up, you will want windshield wipers that are functioning well. If you need to replace these, do so before winter hits.


  • Pack Emergency Supplies – You never know when you will have car trouble, and if you have car trouble during a snowstorm, it can be dangerous. That is why you should pack some emergency supplies or an emergency winter kit for your car. You will want to include things like a flashlight, ice scraper, blankets, a small shovel, and sand to put down for traction.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to get your car ready for the winter weather. It is important to winterize your car before the cold and snowy weather hits because it could save you a lot of trouble. If you need any help with vehicle maintenance before winter, you can schedule a service appointment at Ray Chevrolet.

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