Here's Why the Chevy Bolt EV isn't Changing Much

The Chevy EV Bolt is certainly something to talk about, and that’s exactly what people are doing. All the cliques in school what to know what the heck is under that engine and all about how those engineers at Chevrolet did it. Even Tesla has been notified. Chevrolet managed to put a 60 kilowatt an hour battery pack in the EV, made it able to run for 238 miles without needing a charge, and is under $40,000.

The Bolt is easily as convenient and tempting as online shopping with free shipping, except unlike that basket you just need for your mail, this is way more practical. Chevy isn’t trying to trick you into something you don’t need, either. With the quality they give their customers for such a low price, it’s obvious their engineers and designers are genuine. They strive for practicality in a car, and the Chevy EV Bolt turned out better than anyone probably imagined.

Chevrolet is not technically a luxury brand, but the Chevy Bolt EV could have you fooled if you’re not familiar with the brand. There is not necessarily anything good or bad about being or not being a luxury brand, the priorities just slightly change among the engineers. It might be obvious for some that the EV Bolt isn’t luxury based on it’s pretty OK exterior design. However people don’t care- don’t you know that smack talking on appearances is so early 2000’s?

Let’s get back to the real deal about the EV. This four-seater hatchback body style is a monster under the hood with a 200 level horsepower and 2550 lb-ft of torque. Not to mention it goes 0-60 MPH in 6.5 seconds. On top of that, Chevrolet delivers in the safety department as usual with their “smarter approach to safety.”  It’s also easy to keep the fear of losing battery out of your head since you can charge the EV at any charging station with the optional fast-charging connection.

This car is fully electric, impressing critics left and right, it won 2017 North American Car of the Year and 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick when equipped with Optional Driver Confidence II Package. Kelley Blue Book also gave it an outstanding rating. This creation is fairly new, being that the designing began in 2012. The 2018 model year will not bring many changes to the EV except for a heated steering wheel and revised sunroof flexibility to diminish sunlight blinding the people in the car. The 2017 sales were through the roof, the same is to be expected next year.


Click here to read and view a video by the L.A. Times reviewing the Chevy EV Bolt as sturdy, swift, and silent.

Get with in, get in it. If you haven’t heard about the Chevy EV Bolt and it’s impressive features, the confidence it gives drivers, and the tax incentives, get over to your Chevrolet dealership ASAP! Associates can help you test drive one of these electric cars of the future.