Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Driving in the Snow

Travel is eminent with the holidays approaching, but Ray Chevrolet wants to help you stay safe. With friends, family and loved ones to see, you won’t want to have any issues driving on snow covered roads. To avoid being another statistic, below are some common errors you should know so you can stay safe on the roads this winter!


  1. Not being prepared

Many drivers find themselves caught off guard during the winter's first snow. Did you know the most dangerous day to be on the roads is the morning after a snow storm? That’s right! Most of the time drivers don't prepare themselves before getting on the road and even sometimes forget about their snow driving techniques. Before the snow comes, be sure to check the air pressure in your tires, ensure that your tire’s thread is deep enough, and monitor the antifreeze levels and battery power regularly all winter long.


  1. Following too closely 

In addition to being prepared, it is also important to remember the dangers that arise from tailing the car ahead too closely. Although you might be in a rush to see friends and family, it is worth the added driving time to allow for extra space in times of snowy and icy conditions. It is recommended thst you double your normal space between cars and too allow for a minimum of six seconds of breaking.


3. Slamming on the breaks 

Your first reaction when driving down the road might be to quickly slam on the breaks, when the road it's icy and snowy this, most of the time is okay, but not during the winter months. When you feel your tires start to give way to theice don't resort to slamming on the breaks. It actually removes traction from your tires which ultimately forces you to lose control of your vehicle. Try instead to lift your foot off the accelerator and let the car slow down by itself. If your vehicle comes with an anti-lock break system then brake with steady pressure. If your vehicle doesn't have an anti-lock break system then make sure to pump the breaks continuously.  


4. Driving too fast 

Driving too fast is by far the biggest and most common snow driving error. Driving too fast actually reduces the amount of time you have to react when facing a collision. You  should slow your speed once the temperatures drop to freezing and snow has fallen. 


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