Common Car Warnings Lights and What They Mean

Unless you’re a mechanic or just really into cars, it’s almost impossible to know what every warning light means on your vehicle. One light on one car might mean something completely different on another.

That’s why Ray Chevrolet put together a list of some of the most common vehicle warning lights to help you decipher one from the other.  To be sure that these indicator means the same for your car, refer to your owner’s manual.

Check Engine Light

This is a common warning people see on their dashboards. But what you may not realize is that because the check engine light is connected to your car’s computer, there could be more than one thing wrong with the engine’s parts. Here are a few things you want to look for when this light comes on. If you:

  • Have a loose gas cap
  • Have an oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced
  • Have a bad catalytic converter
  • Need new spark plugs
  • Need a new Mass Airflow Sensor

Transmission Temperature

The transmission fluid is hotter than usual, so the transmission is running at a higher temperature.

Battery Light

Most cars have a rechargeable 12-volt battery. It’s responsible for powering everything from the engine’s control computer to the vehicle headlights. When the light is on, it means that there’s a problem with the charging system.

Oil Pressure Warning

This light comes on when there’s a drop in oil pressure, which could lead to serious engine problems.

Oil Change Reminder

Different from the Oil Pressure Warning, this light indicates that the life of the oil in your car has expired and needs to be replaced.

ABS Light

The anti-lock brake system light tells you that although your brakes may work, the ABS will not.

Brake System

This light could mean several different things. Either the brake fluid is low, the parking brake is on or there’s an issue with the ABS.

Traction Control

If your car’s traction control/electronic stability system is in use, this light will give you an indication. It warns you about slippery road conditions.

Airbag Fault

There could be a fault in the vehicle’s airbag system and should be checked by a professional.

Security System Alert

If you see this light flash, it means the ignition switch is locked. When it stays lit that’s an indicator that there is a problem with the security system.


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