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Chevrolet is old, like really old. In 1911, Louis Chevrolet founded a little car shop in Detroit, Michigan. Six years later, they introduced the Chevrolet Four-Ninety Half Ton Truck.  Unlike that agitating relative at least you or one of your close friends have, Chevy isn’t getting on your nerves with how behind on the times they are. They’re your cool great-grandmother who recycles, eats organic, and knows everything there is to know about sending an email on the computers. Believe it or not, Chevrolet might even be better.

This old-timer company of yours is celebrating 100 years of Trucks! Most people cannot deny their familiarity with Chevrolet, especially with their action-oriented vehicles. Back in 1917, Chevy models were the prime of the time, but now they’re considered pretty old-fashioned. Just like 90’s jeans and velvet, old seems to be in. Lucky for the lovers of this fashion trend(or even the ones that aren’t), Chevrolet is doing a lineup of retro-themed trucks! Chevrolet is bringing back the roots of their ancestors, providing a timeline of cars from their heritage.

Truck month, as Chevrolet is calling it, is going to be one of the craziest ones yet. This 100 year celebration includes a Colorado Centennial Edition along with a Silverado Centennial Edition! This is on top of the brand new 2017 Tahoe and 2017 Suburban that are currently on sale. Even if you’re not in a place to buy, if you’re into cars, checking out these retro models will surely be a notable experience. Go to the Ray Chevrolet website or visit your local dealership.



Chevrolet even has a fan section. Not only can you purchase truck merchandise, but you can become a truck legend. Think you’re worthy of this status? Well, apply, and you have the opportunity to win some merchandise and on a more exciting note, a free truck.


Chevy is even more like your tech-cavy relative with their ‘chop click drive!’ feature. With this feature, you can make any Chevrolet yours from the comfort of your home.


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