Chevy is the Top Brand for Millennials

Millennials make up the fastest growing new car shopping group, and they have one car brand that has made a very positive impression. According to a study, Chevy is the top brand for millennials. Learn more about this below.

Autolist did a study about millennial car buyers, and they have this to say: “Forget the German luxury automakers, the aspirational exotics or even Tesla’s all-electric fleet: the number one brand that speaks to Millennial shoppers and younger is Chevrolet, according to the latest study by”

During the Autolist study, 1,750 car shoppers were polled. They were asked three different questions. They were asked about the brand of vehicle they currently owned as well as what brand they would buy in the future. They were also asked which brand they thought was most relevant to their age group. Chevy was the most popular answer for all three questions.

The millennial generation encompasses people that were born from 1981 to 1996 approximately. This makes the current millennial age range 23 to 38. Now that the youngest millennials are into adulthood, this generation is making up an important part of car shopping statistics.

Why does the Chevy brand resonate so much with the millennial generation? There are probably a lot of different answers to this question. Simply put, Chevy is addressing factors that are important to millennials. One example of this could be Chevy’s user-friendly technology. Chevy vehicles generally have features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi hotspots, wireless phone charging, and more. This technology helps people stay connected.

Another reason millennials may be choosing Chevy is that Chevy gives you good vehicles at an affordable price. Chevy also offers some fun vehicle options with several crossovers as well as some great car and truck options.

Clearly, Chevy vehicles have a lot to offer their owners, and that is why Chevy is a top brand for millennials. The Chevrolet brand has a lot of great vehicle options. You can enjoy crossovers like the Chevy Trax and Chevy Equinox, cars like the Cruze, and, of course, the Chevy Silverado and Colorado for trucks. If you would like to learn more about different new Chevy models for sale, you can come down to Ray Chevrolet, your local Fox Lake Chevy dealership.

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