Chevy Earns “Green Car of the Year”

Consumer Reports released their “Top Picks of 2018: Best Cars of the Year” and the Chevrolet stole the spotlight with an electric car that’s beating out all the competition—the Bolt.


Mention this compact EV to any Chevy dealer and it’s likely a huge smile will spread across their face. How could it not when the Bolt has bragging rights that are better than the Tesla Model S? (We’re talking about the 250-miles range on one charge, 20 miles longer than Tesla.)


It’s not just the fact that this fun automobile has a few perks and a reasonable starting price ($29,995 after federal tax credit). Consumer Reports picked the Bolt as the top “Compact Green Car” of the year through a vetting process that investigated its reliability, safety and owner satisfaction, along with its performance on road tests.


It’s no small feat—as more than 50 individual tests are performed on each vehicle in the running, evaluating every facet of the car, including braking, comfort, convenience, handling, safety and fuel economy. According to Consumer Reports, a vehicle must receive an exemplary “Overall Score” in its category to be considered and be at the top of its field after the following:


  • Road Test conducted by Consumer Report’s experienced staff at their Auto Test Center
  • Reliability Review that assesses problems reported by subscribers
  • Owner Satisfaction Surveys, which present a rating based the percentage of owners who say they would buy the same vehicle again
  • Safety Check that examines a car’s performance in Consumer Report’s accident-avoidance tests and looks at the results of government and insurance industry crash tests for the vehicle


“We put the Bolt through our battery of rigorous tests and drove it thousands of miles, both at our test track and on public roads,” Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ Director of Automotive Testing, said in a press release. “With the ability to go up to 250 miles on a charge, the Bolt is a good option for someone who might never have considered an EV before.”


The all-electric Bolt came out on the top—ahead of the BMW i3, Ford Focus EV and even the Toyota Prius—with its tight handling, speedy acceleration (0-60 in 6.5 seconds) and reassuring 60-kWh battery pack that takes drivers over 200 miles on a single full charge.


The Bolt wasn’t Chevy’s only vehicle on Consumer Report’s list. The Chevrolet Impala was named the “Large Car of the Year” for its luxurious driving experience that keeps passengers comfortable in the spacious, quiet cabin with commendable handling and high-quality interior.


Along with the Bolt and Impala, other vehicles included the Toyota Corolla for Compact Car, Audi A4 for Luxury Compact Car, Subaru Forester for Compact SUV, BMW X3 for Luxury Compact SUV and Ford F-150 for Full-Sized Pickup Truck, among others.


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