Chevy Camaro Getting A New Transmission?

Somehow, AutoGuide got a copy of the California Air Resources Board document which informs us what is possibly coming for some 2019 models. Luckily, we now have an inside look on what could be coming for the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro.

That document tells us that the Camaro could be going from a six-speed transmission to a seven speed manual transmission! The 6.2 L V8 engine is definitely going to stay, but there are signs of a discontinuation of the 650 hp ZL1.

Why do we want a car with a high level manual transmission?

According to, it creates a way better acceleration performance, is less expensive than an automatic transmission, and driving a car like a Camaro is more engaging for the driver. Popular Mechanics named the Chevy Camaro the 4th best vehicle that still has a manual transmission. This is among a list of the most legendary car models in the world.

Sightings of the 2019 Camaro in camouflage suggest that an exterior revamping will be done to both the front and the fear portion of the model. It is unknown of any interior changes however GM Authority reported that there is potential of a price change for the Camaro. Sales have dropped over the years and there is suggestion it is because the Camaro is one of the highest priced V8 engine vehicles in the business. Time will tell if Chevrolet will actually be able to lower the price of the 2019 model.

No matter what comes in the 2019 Camaro, there is no need to worry. Chevy has never failed us in the past with this model- the Camaro is an obvious favorite, first coming out in the 1960’s and still with us today as being one of Chevy’s best vehicles. It now comes in ZL1, Convertible, SS, and LS models. Watch below to get a quick introduction to all the Camaro family members.


Don’t miss what’s new for the 2019 Camaro- until then visit your Ray Chevrolet dealership for current offers on the vehicle that’s perfect for you!