Chevy Brings Futuristic Tech Fantasies to Life with New Apple Watch App

Chevy Technology

Though it’s more clear than ever that advancements in automotive technology (and that of many other industries) are happening at an increasingly rapid and regular rate, it’s fortunate that every once in a while something comes along that still has the power to generate the so-called ‘wow factor’ that so many innovators hope to achieve. Stepping a little further into a reality that we once thought only possible in James Bond movies, a new technological addition to the award-winning family of modern Chevrolet models is currently doing just that. If you’v ever fantasized about controlling your car from something as convenient as your watch, then we’re here to break the news that your day has arrived!


Streamlining the Automotive Future 

Though it may not come as surprising, it’s likely to still prove impressive when you first get the opportunity to see just how far Chevrolet has come in bringing this fantasy to its fullest fruition. By taking a detailed approach to exactly what needed to happen to make Chevy cars and trucks into ideal partners for the popular and integration-friendly Apple Watch, company designers have now delivered what many are already calling the ideal application of this technology. Though it’s something that’s been attempted by a handful of other makers, Chevrolet has clearly found some fast success in attempting to deliver this truly wow-generating accessory in its most useful and affordable form yet.


A Demonstrable Dedication to Tech 

Chevy drivers who also own an Apple Watch can now look forward to remote control of engine stop and start, door locks, horn, and lights, all with the immediate convenience of wearable access. Though the basic remote control capabilities that allow for this eye-catching new addition to the Chevrolet technology cache have been in use on smartphones for some time through the myChevrolet app, the recent push to make myChevrolet compatible with the Apple Watch also now goes to demonstrate Chevy’s increasing dedication to staying up to date and making the most of modern design.


Catch the Chevy Wave Today!

What’s more is that, like every part of Chevy’s consistently celebrated approach, the combination of quality and affordability remain the focus of this and every step in the company’s evolution. The use of the myChevrolet app continues to grow in leaps and bounds, right alongside the accolades lining Chevrolet’s trophy shelves, and current reports offer plenty of positive reception from industry media when it comes to the company’s savvy refinement of modern remote technology. Don’t hesitate to see it in action today alongside the many standout Chevrolet models for sale today right here at your local Fox Lake Chevy dealer, Ray Chevrolet!