Chevy and Domino's Team Up to Provide Pizza

On the go with your Chevy vehicle? Now, pizza can be a go-to to-go meal for you and your passengers. Chevy and Dominos have teamed up to provide you with easy access to pizza while you are on the go. Learn more about all of this below.

Chevy has now made ordering pizza even easier. You can now order your favorite pizza from Domino’s through the touchscreen of your Chevy vehicle with Chevrolet Marketplace. This means you can order a carryout order or create an order for delivery that will be ready for you when you get home.

“Domino’s has offered pizza lovers innovative ordering and delivery options for years. At the same time, Chevrolet put technologies in place that allows us to add capabilities to vehicles already on the road, like the ability for our drivers to order pizza through the touchscreen,” said Scott Goddard, Marketplace line of business leader, Chevrolet. “This new in-vehicle solution is a natural collaboration that both Chevy drivers and pizza connoisseurs can enjoy.”

How does this pizza ordering technology work? Chevy vehicle owners can set up a Pizza Profile with Domino’s that they can use through Marketplace. This profile will include payment method and delivery addresses as well as favorite orders.

Chevy vehicles feature a lot of amazing technology. For example, many Chevy vehicles now come with a Teen Driver system that can help give you peace of mind when your new driver is on the road. This Teen Driver system can allow you to set speed restrictions, seatbelt warnings, geographic restrictions, and more to make sure your young driver is safer. Chevy also provides you with some great technology like the MyChevrolet app. This app allows you to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle as well as remotely starting your vehicle. Some of the latest and greatest technology includes Chevy giving you the ability to order pizza from Domino’s through your touchscreen while you are on the go.

There is a lot of great Chevy technology in new Chevy vehicles. Ray Chevrolet is your local Fox Lake Dealer. We can help you upgrade your vehicle and figure out all the great Chevy technology that you want in your new car. If you want the ability to order pizza through a touchscreen in your vehicle, you can get excited about what Chevy and Domino’s are giving you. Visit Ray Chevrolet today to upgrade your vehicle so that you can get the latest technology.