Chevy's New App Allows Friends and Family to Remind Drivers to Put the Phones Down

Chevrolet has done it again- leading its competitors in advanced technology. With many distracted drivers out on the roads, Chevrolet has found a way to keep you and your family and friends safe with their new app. Pretty cool right?


A new smart phone app is being launched and invented by Chevy technology called “Call Me Out”. This app is designed to help all drivers- new and experienced to keep those eyes on the road and put the phone down.


The users of the app are encouraged to invite all their family members and friends to send a private message to remind the driver to keep their phones away while driving, hence the name “Call Me Out”. This audible alert system helps fight the risk and urge of distracted drivers on the road, keeping us all safe. 


So how does it detect when you are driving? The app uses the accelerometer and GPS in the phone to detect when the phone has been lifted up while traveling over 5 mph. if it is picked up, the app will play the recorded messages from friends and family to tell that driver to put that phone down.


To amp up the competition, there is a scoreboard and rankings among your friends and family. The less your phone is touched while driving, the higher you will rise in your team’s rankings. This is a great way Chevrolet gets friends and families to come together to help make the roads a little safer while driving.


We are not sure when this app is set to launch in the app store, but it is defiantly something Chevrolet fans all across the nation are waiting for! In the meantime, check out new Chevrolet models for salewhen you stop and see your friends at Ray Chevrolet. We have many new models waiting to be test drived today. Just search “Chevy dealer near me” or give us a call at (847) 693-4574.