Chevrolet Combines Efforts to Make the Most of Today’s Teen Driver Tech

It shouldn’t be too hard for most of us to remember our teenage driving days, or in the very least the sense of overconfidence, defiance, and even recklessness that can often come too easily to the teenage mind. It’s only natural, of course, and with more resources available all the time to help guide your young driver through their most important early learning experiences behind the wheel, parents can feel more secure than ever about the development of positive habits and the safety of their kids as they pass this memorable milestone.


Making Safety Simple 

In hoping to add to the availability and effectiveness of these resources in a major way, Chevrolet recently decided to make it easier than ever for owners of Chevy vehicles to add OnStar’s outstanding Family Link service to their suite of award-winning Chevy technology. Considering the fact that teens only face an increasing amount of possible distractions, there’s certainly no reason to pass up a chance to cut down on the many documented dangers that teen drivers face, which unfortunately place them high on the list of the most at-risk drivers on the road.


A Perfect Partnership 

With another school year now well underway and only a matter of time before the first summer behind the wheel for thousands of teens, there’s no better time to get on board with Chevy’s new Family Link offer, presented in partnership with the proven, reliable OnStar. Providing parents with access to services like real-time vehicle location and distance-based text alerts for enforcing range limits, Family Link is also designed to work at its best in conjunction with Chevy’s own Teen Driver feature, a standout in the Chevy technology lineup that offers more direct and immediate control features like limiting stereo volume and top speed.


Get All the Details in Person Today!

There’s never too much innovation that can go into making it easier for young drivers to be as safe as possible while learning to enjoy their time on the road responsibly, and luckily, Chevy continues to find ways to make it as simple as possible to take a confident, complete approach to being an active part of your teen driver’s first big steps into the automotive world. With more award-winning new Chevy models for sale than ever before, there’s definitely been no better time to look to the industry-leading Chevrolet lineup for all you need a great family vehicle to do. You can learn about each of Chevy’s stars right here at your standout Fox Lake Chevy dealer, Ray Chevrolet, every day!