Are You Using Chevy MyLink?

A technologically advanced vehicle can make your life easier with the ability to get directions, have access to technology, and more. It can also make your life safer with a lot of great safety technology looking out for you. If you have a newer Chevy vehicle, it will very likely have Chevy MyLink, which is a great way to get a lot of amazing technology features. Learn more about Chevy MyLink below, and come down and check it out for yourself at Ray Chevrolet.

What is Chevy MyLink?

Chevy MyLink is a 7 or 8-inch touchscreen display that brings a lot of features and technologies together to make your life easier. Check out some of the features found with Chevy MyLink below.

  • OnStar Voice Command and Navigation – The Chevy MyLink comes with some available OnStar technology. This technology can help you be hands-free with the Voice Command option, and it can help you get where you need to go with available turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Apple CarPlay or Android Auto – You can also connect to your smartphone through Chevy MyLink with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Teen Driver Technology – The Teen Driver technology helps keep your teen safer while they are driving a Chevy vehicle. This technology allows you to set speed and geographic restrictions, as well as giving your teen a driving report card.
  • Rearview Camera – The touchscreen on your MyLink system can turn into a rearview camera when you are backing up. This can help you see behind you easily for parking and backing up.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics – Your Chevy MyLink system can also provide you with vehicle diagnostics in the form of a monthly diagnostic report.

Those are not the only features that can be found on Chevy MyLink, but those are some of the important ones. As you see, Chevy MyLink can be an important part of your driving experience. From a rearview camera to help you be safer to a navigation system to get where you need to go, Chevy MyLink offers you a lot of great features that you will use on a daily basis. Also, many of these features come free with the purchase of your vehicle, so take advantage of that.

If you want to learn more about Chevy MyLink, or you want to check out the features for yourself, you can come down to Ray Chevrolet. Ray Chevrolet is a Chevy dealer near you, and we have a lot of great vehicles for you. Our newer models feature Chevy MyLink and a lot of other great features. Let us help you upgrade today.