How Air Conditioning Works in Your Vehicle

Like many things, we don’t generally stop to think about the air conditioning in our vehicle until it is not working properly for us. However, this is something that can be beneficial for you to know about. Whether your air conditioning is currently working or not, be sure to learn more about how it functions below.

Heating your vehicle is relatively easy. Heating is easier because your vehicle’s engine produces a lot of excess heat. To heat your vehicle, liquid coolant flows through the engine, absorbs heat, and is directed to the heater core to send hot air into the cabin.

On the other hand, the air conditioning system is more complicated. The air conditioning system uses refrigerant which goes from liquid to gas and back inside a closed area. The refrigerant goes to a compressor which pressurizes it. Then, it goes to the condenser, which makes it back into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant goes through a control system, and then flows into the evaporator. A fan blows warm air over the evaporator, and the evaporator makes it cooler because of the refrigerant. The cool air blows into the cabin of your car, and the system repeats itself.

Your air conditioning system should work well for you, but there are a couple of common issues that may occur with this system. One common issue is leaking of the refrigerant because of a tiny crack in the system. Another issue you may have is a failed compressor or a clog in the system. If you are having any problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning, you will want to see a service professional.

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