5 Reasons to Buy the 2019 Chevy Colorado

Pickup trucks, such as the Chevy Colorado, are top-selling vehicles in American today. The Chevy Colorado is a one of a kind truck. It looks great in your garage, on the highway, even all muddied up. It is known to have a versatile selection of engines, excellent performance and utility specifications and is easy to drive!


While the Colorado was last redesigned in 2015, Chevrolet has been adding new features and options to improve it every year. So without further ado, here are our five reasons why you should buy the 2019 Chevy Colorado:


Powerful engines

The Chevy Colorado impresses with several powerful engines to choose from. The base engine is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder and has around 200 horsepower which provides a nicely balanced option for buyers who aren’t pushing the trucks to its limits. Most Colorado buyers prefer the 3.6 liter V-6 that roars at 308 horsepower.


Good fuel efficiency

There are turbo diesel and diesel options available in this truck. The diesel is the most efficient option, at 22 miles per gallon city, 30 miles per gallon highway and 25 miles per gallon combined. The base four-cylinder comes in at 20 miles per gallon city, 26 miles per gallon highway and 22 miles per gallon combined.


Excellent towing

The Colorado might be known as a compact truck, but it can easily meet its match with some larger trucks with its towing capacity. Maxing out at 7,700lbs, it is virtually unmatched in its department. Because of this, it makes it easy for drivers that tug large loads such as boats.


Special editions

The Colorado stands alone from its competition thanks to all of its edition options. The Colorado Dusk and Colorado Midnight editions add a touch of darkness to the truck, which is absolutely stunning. The Colorado ZR2 elevates off-road prowess to uncharted levels!


Inexpensive entry level

The Chevy Colorado is the perfect vehicle for people who are looking for a quality truck without too many frills. While its base models lacks a couple features it makes up for it in its price. This truck makes the perfect ride for all Chevy lovers alike.


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