2019 Chevy Silverado Steel Bed

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Chevrolet has got to be trying to trick us. A test shows that the bed of the new 2019 Chevy Silverado is made of steel- and by a test we mean someone tried to stick a magnet to the side of the car and it stuck.


Car enthusiasts have been catching photos of the 2019 Silverado left and right, but no one had an exact conclusion about the features of the vehicle. Pickuptrucks was able to get up close and personal with the vehicle to repeat the same test done with the Ford F-Series Super Duty, and the magnet stuck. Now, the reason there are theories that this is a facade is because for the past 10+ years everyone has been switching to aluminum truck beds- why would Chevy stick with the steel for this 2019 model?


There are multiple reasons people have been switching to aluminum. It might be a little more expensive but it doesn't rust, it results in better fuel economy, there is less maintenance needed for it, and it even produces less greenhouse gas emissions! The only real benefit to a steel bed is general greater strength… but if it isn’t a trick, then Chevy has to know something we don’t know- the brand intends to sell at least 100,000 cars in the year of 2019. They’re well on their way to reaching this goal and it seems unlikely they’d do anything irrational to prevent that from happening. The silverados in the past that have been made out of steel have sold less cars than the aluminum bed Ford F-150’s. The sales of the Silverado dropped a whopping 19.7%, even still it is Chevy’s best-selling car.


This just doesn’t seem like a move Chevy would make, but if it is, there is no doubt it’s for something good. Alas, the ‘magnet trick’ has said it’s peace, and we won’t really know what is up Chevy’s sleeve for about another year or so. Until then, Chevy is still putting their best foot forward with it’s current Silverado’s and other models.

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