2018 Chevrolet Equinox Continues to Stand Out

2018 Chevy Equinox for sale

In keeping with a recent trend of fearless reinvention, one that’s seen Chevrolet consistently recognized with awards and accolades in the automotive media, the company now once again finds itself claiming the spoils of its willingness to stand out. Poised at the threshold of another exceptional chapter in its modern history, Chevy has been finding nothing but positive reception for the freshly minted, considerately updated 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, a perfect representative of the best Chevy lineup yet and one of the most attractive crossovers to land in years. Though we here at Ray Chevrolet pride ourselves in keeping up to date on every bit of Chevy info right down to the last lugnut, you don’t have take our word for it!


More Capability, Smaller Package

 Now, there are a number of unusual approaches that have ultimately led the 2018 Equinox to find a warm welcome among drivers and critics alike. Immediately noticeable is the fact that the Equinox has slimmed down while simultaneously filling out its feature list in some big ways, playing against the competition in a time when many comparable models are taking on weight in order to meet the demand for more technology and accommodation. Achieving both while simultaneously delivering a honed new design, Chevy’s new Equinox is likely to do more than just turn your head when you decide to give it a look.


Nothing Lost, Everything Gained

 For those interested in how the new Equinox stacks up to its bulkier forebears in terms of safety, ratings and features go to show that safety was a primary consideration when it came to Chevy’s redesign efforts. Newly added features include surround-view camera, forward collision warning, rear-cross traffic alert, automatic low-speed braking, vibrating in-seat safety warnings, and even a rear seat storage alert that reminds the driver to check rear storage after using the liftgate.


An Exemplar of Proven Excellence

 When it comes to exemplifying the best of Chevy’s current lineup, the Equinox definitely goes the distance, even managing to push the company’s envelope in some interesting ways. Four trims and a wide variety of available features allow for plenty of customization, while the 2018 Equinox also stands as the first of Chevy’ models to offer multiple engine configurations that all also happen to be turbocharged for maximum efficiency and ideal performance. Top-notch entertainment and driver assistance features round out an impressively well-dressed package, with available 8” Chevy MyLink touchscreen hub, satellite radio, wireless charging, USB connectivity, remote start, rear-view parking assistance, premium Bose soundsystem, and an array of other “advanced driver assistance technologies.”


Find Out More From the Experts Today!

 There’s simply no more room in this blog post to continue to detail everything that the expertly updated 2018 Chevrolet Equinox has to offer to drivers willing to take the time to see why Chevy still leads the pack in terms of awards and recognition, and you can bet that there’s no better place to do it than right here at Ray Chevrolet, where we make a point of qualifying ourselves every day as your best and brightest Fox Lake Chevy dealer!