2018 Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Chevy Performance Vehicles

Attention- don’t be alarmed if you start to see people making car-sound effects with their mouths as they drive around in their new Hot Wheels themed vehicle.


Surprise! And welcome to the best-themed 50th birthday party you’ve ever been to. The kid in you is jumping up and down at the thought of taking home a life-sized hot wheels car, but this one might be a little more expensive than the gift bags you got when you were in middle school.

Chevrolet is celebrating their 50-year old partnership with Hot Wheels with a special edition 2018 Camaro! Featuring orange and black colors, a Hot Wheels signature logo on the steering wheel, and 20 inch aluminum wheels, the Camaro is going to fulfil more than just your childhood dreams. Photos of the full sized Hot Wheels show illuminated doorsill plates, satin graphite ground effects, specialized floor mats and Galvano Chrome grille inserts!



The Hot Wheels Original 16 models was the Custom Camaro in 1968. Thrillest Cars wrote a blog focusing on facts about Hot Wheels- not only did expert designers look over the creation of all of our favorite cars, but there are over 4 billion differently modeled toys that have been produced since the company started. Hot Wheels has spent the last 16 years building their own vehicles, time will tell if we ever see a full-sized diamond covered car.

Chevrolet plans to start selling the 2018 Hot Wheels Camaro during the first quarter of 2018. Until then, there are new Chevy models available at your Ray Chevrolet dealer.


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