Chevrolet Trucks for the Utility Industry


Are there any Chevy commercial vehicles near me that are ideal for work as utility trucks or vans?  Are there any Chevy commercial vehicles near me that are easy to upfit in the aftermarket or are able to be converted from one use to another?  Are there even Chevy dealers near me that always offer great deals on commercial vehicles and offer businesses and tradesmen accessible financing?  For all those questions, the answer is YES… As Ray Chevrolet at 39 N US-12 in Fox Lake, IL is a Chevy dealer that carries the full line of commercial vehicles.  But what, exactly, can these models do for any business or agency that needs a utility vehicle?

Utility TrucksUtility Trucks

Not only is the Silverado Chassis Cab available with up to 910 lb-ft of torque, but its max GCWR of over 21,000 lbs means that it’s ideal for handling a wide range of utility upfits. With two cab to axle sizes, it can also easily match the needs of almost any fleet, while available 4G LTE WiFi® and a 7-inch Chevrolet MyLink diagonal color touchscreen allow it to serve as a mobile office.

Utility VansUtility Vans

On-site work often requires a significant investment in time, equipment, and remote problem-solving.  Fortunately the Chevrolet Express Cargo Van offers the space and versatility needed of any utility van.  Available equipment packages and ladder racks make storing work gear simple and safe, while an extended wheelbase option allows up to 313.9 cubic feet of cargo.  Standard rear swing-out doors and hinged cargo doors even make loading and off-loading equipment and parts easy, while a Cargo Crew option allows up to five people and their gear to be easily transported to any work site.  Also offered with 4G LTE WiFi® and Chevrolet MyLink technology, including navigation, the Express Cargo Van can also function as a mobile office.

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City Utility VansCity Utility Vans

While utility vans are usually thought of as being designed to carry and secure as much equipment as possible, urban realities often mean that a smaller, more maneuverable van is occasionally the more practical option.  With a maximum vehicle length of only 186.3-inches, yet boasting 122.7 cubic feet of cargo volume and a max cargo length of 82.8-inches, the Chevrolet City Express is the perfect van for any business or agency that needs to work alongside winding streets.

Light Utility TrucksLight Utility Trucks

When someone imagines a utility truck, they usually visualize a vehicle that can handle heavy, specialized upfits.  Many fleets, however, require smaller trucks that can accommodate modest towing, be used to store gear, and transport crews to remote work sites.  The Chevrolet Colorado and Chevrolet Silverado, which can both be fitted with dedicated tool storage compartments and are available with 4G LTE Internet WiFi®, are two trucks that are perfect for just such work.


These and other utility-ready commercial vehicles are waiting at the Chevy dealer that serves northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin: Ray Chevrolet!  Visit 39 N US-12 in Fox Lake or call (847) 786-2759 today to discover the right ones for your business.