Future Chevy Silverado to Come with Built-in Tailgate Step?

Chevy Silverado Fox Lake, IL

In the automotive world, it is sometimes what seems like tiny steps that can have the greatest impact with regard to how we experience/use our vehicles. Too, just like in the real world, sometimes good ideas within the automotive community are not seen as “good” when then are first introduced. The folks over at Chevrolet kind of had to learn this the hard way, after a botched attempt to mock what they called the Ford F-150’s “man step” (which was a step that came built-in to the F-150 pickup’s tailgate, obviously sliding out and giving the owner an extra lift into the back of the vehicle) back in 2009. But, too, it should never be said that the automotive world is not a forgiving world. That is to say, General Motors (GM) has since (it seems) learned from their longtime rival in that a patent was just granted back in December of 2016 for a pickup bed tailgate step that (by the looks of things) we should be seeing as soon as the upcoming 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

GM's Design is Above the Rest 

General Motor’s tailgate step does seem to be a step-up (pardon the pun) from Ford’s, however. That is, the step itself is physically larger and wider than the other, housing, too, a back—of sorts—to the lower step (which means you will not slid your foot all the way through the lower ladder rung with GM’s model—something that seemed very possible with Ford’s). Nevertheless, what is cool about this system is that the entire mechanism is housed inside the tailgate, according to the patent. This means that, when one just so happens to open the tailgate, the steps proceed to unfurl themselves toward the ground, providing a nice little ladder system to your truck’s bed.


Honestly, all this goes to show that a good idea is a good idea, across the board. General Motors picking up on Ford’s model and adapting such a thing to fit their brand’s vision is what makes market competition so great. In any event, we are assuming that such a thing will be present on the new Chevy Silverado, seeing as the good folks over at GM are already in the midst of building such a thing, as well as the timing of the patent simply being too coincidental to ignore.

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