2018 Chevy Traverse Stands Poised to Start an Exciting New Chapter for Chevy Crossovers

2018 Traverse

With an all-new and clearly improved generation of the sturdy Chevrolet Traverse freshly unveiled at this year’s North American International Auto Show last month, we couldn’t be happier to see just how much of a big welcome it’s been receiving from both fans and experts in the automotive media. Of course, there’s no shortage of things to praise in the considerately upgraded 2018 Chevy Traverse, which includes more options and cutting-edge accommodations than a wide range of the popular competition. With the results now pouring in from all over, we’ve got plenty of glowing reviews and positive opinions to share about this best-seller in the making.

So, What Does the 2018 Traverse Have to Offer? 

Collecting a thorough array of statements made in regard to the new Traverse by some of the automotive industry’s biggest and most trusted media outlets, hard-working journalists at Auto News have made it particularly easy to get excited about the muscular crossover poised to set some new high marks at Chevy and beyond. Here, we present some of the most common subjects and feelings shared by those statements, including those from outlets including Car and Driver, Consumer Reports, and the New York Daily News, to help you get a good idea of what to expect.

First Impressions

By and large, reviewers are finding the new generation of Traverse to be a decidedly more truck-like affair, at least in terms of profile. In the big picture, the new model is actually slimmed down a bit, albeit with plenty of new angles and athletic body paneling added to notch-up the rugged styling. A notable increase in both passenger and cargo space also allows the 2018 Traverse to achieve a coveted best-in-class rating, and towing capacity sees a boost as well. All in all, reviewers have been in agreement that the new Traverse is going to present some capable competition to the fierce crossover market, with plenty of attention paid to attractive image, thorough utility capabilities, and up-to-date accommodations.

A Buffet of Options

Beyond those basics, critics of all kinds are also finding it easy to praise the scope of options that Chevy is making available with the 2018 Traverse. The new model will bring five trim options along, a selection that’s been expanded to include two all-new trims including a sport-tuned RS version that gets plenty of kick from a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and adds plenty of image enhancements, and the classy High Country edition that delivers lavish additional styling and enhanced accommodations for those with a hunger for luxury. Add to that the choice between two powertrains designed to meet the needs of different driving styles, and you’ve got yourself one truly multi-talented vehicle. In that department, the 2018 Traverse went as far as to inspire Steven Ewing of Motor1.com to call it “all the crossover you could ever need…and then some.”

Get to Know the 2018 Traverse in Person!

With the new Traverse set to arrive in U.S. showrooms this summer, you can bet that we’ll be ready to welcome it with open arms and give it plenty of room to show off all of its myriad strengths. As always, there’s no better way to get to know a vehicle than by seeing it up close and getting behind the wheel, and there’s still no better place than Ray Chevrolet to do it! We’ll be more than prepared to give you a first-class introduction anytime you’re ready, and in the meantime you can find plenty more news about related developments right here at our blog.